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D Media began in 2002 as an informal group and since 2003 has functioned as an NGO for the production and dissemination of digital culture. Aside from workshops, conferences and other events, the videos produced from 2004-2009 constitute the group's most substantial activity. Most of the videos are available online:


Reconstruction is a documentary about the repression of the anti-NATO events in Romania in 2008. It was filmed during a 4 day workshop, in which 10 protagonists became simultaneously actors, audience and directors. The same moment of history is re-told through different perspectives: the objective, the subjective and the collective. 56 min, 2009.

Description and stills: [ Reconstruction: Anti-NATO Days 2008 ]
Download: [ http://www.archive.org/details/Reconstruction_antiNATO_days ]




2 or 3 Things about Activism is a counter-documentary about activism in Romania that simultaneously questions the difference between making a film about politics and making a film politically. While various protagonists discuss their views on activism, the voiceover reflects on the motivations behind the video.  73 min, 2008.

Description and stills: [ Two or Three Things about Activism ]
Download: [ http://www.archive.org/details/Two_or_Three_things_about_Activism ]


In Transit is a diary of a journey through space and time, composed of subjective impressions of the present and childhood memories of the past. While traveling across Romania in the year of its EU accession, the narrative reflects on postcommunist transition, the re-writing of history and the relation between images and memory.  30 min, 2008.

Description and stills: [ In Transit ]
Download: [ http://www.archive.org/details/InTransitDMedia ]


Precarious Lives mixes archival footage depicting women’s labour over the past century with ten portraits of Romanian women working today. The video challenges the dominant discourse about precarity and its disregard of differences based on gender and of economic disparities between the first and third worlds of Europe.  43 min, 2008.

Description and stills: [ Precarious Lives ]
Download:  [ http://www.archive.org/details/PrecariousLivesDMedia ]


Made in Italy traces the connections between 16,000 Italian companies delocalizing to Romania and 2 million Romanian workers migrating to Italy. Rather than present a unified  story, it shows the contradictory perspectives of Italian entrepreneurs, trade union leaders, workers and Romanian migrants in Italy. A Candida TV & D Media production. 26 min, 2006.

Description and stills: [ Made in Italy ]
Download: [ http://www.archive.org/details/MadeinItaly ]
Open is a short documentary about the political, economic and social implications of the Free and Open Source Software movement. The video includes interviews with various theorists and hackers that were filmed in Croatia, at Multimedia Institute in Zagreb and at the TransHack meeting in Pula. 15 min, 2004.

Description and stills: [ Open ]
Download: [ http://www.archive.org/details/dmedia_open_divx ]

Paint Romanian is a fotofilm composed of hundreds of still photographs of tricolor objects that depict the nationalist obsessions in the city of Cluj during its rule by the party of the extreme right. The images are mixed in a rhythmic montage with experiemental music and reflective texts on the dialectic between subjectivity and urban space. 11 min, 2004.

Description and stills: [ Paint Romanian ]
Download: [ http://www.archive.org/details/dmedia_paintromanian_divx ]


For more information contact: jori (at) riseup. net


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